Find Your Unique Pathway to Weight Loss

According to the latest reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than half of American are overweight with almost 33 percent now considered obese. An estimated 90 percent of those falling into these categories are currently trying to lose weight. Though the will is clearly present, the way isn’t quite so straightforward.

What’s the Problem?

Despite ongoing endeavors, the nation’s collective waistline isn’t shrinking. Sure, certain people simply switch to diet soda, cut out sweet snacks, walk half a mile every day and lose 20 pounds in a month. On the other hand, some limit themselves to 500 calories a day, add fat burners to their regimen, spend two hours at the gym daily and gain five pounds during that same time frame. Still others can live on milkshakes and cheeseburgers, rarely step on a treadmill and never gain an ounce.

The Bigger Issue

What makes some seem destined to carry around extra weight while others shed it with minimal effort? Pathway Genomics has a fairly simple explanation to this question. As it turns out, several factors play into an individual’s ability to drop the pounds and keep them off over time.

  • Diet: It’s no secret burning more calories than you consume is critical to losing weight, but there’s more here than meets the eye.
  • Exercise: Again, it’s a well-known fact: exercise burns fat and builds muscle. Of course, this point runs deeper than most people realize as well.
  • Nutritional Needs: Here’s where it all begins to come together. Though the need for certain vitamins and minerals is universal, the exact amount required tends to vary by individual.
  • Biological Response: No two bodies respond the same way to exercise. One person might lose more weight via Gravity Fit whereas another could respond more readily to weight training. The same principle applies to food and medications.
  • Latent Medical Conditions: Whether you’re exhibiting symptoms of diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and other conditions or not, they could still be hidden within your DNA, waiting to emerge. This can affect your weight and ability to get rid of it as well.

All these factor into your overall weight loss equation, and they’re the reasons one person can easily lose weight while another follows the same routine with little to show for his or her efforts. Once you unlock your unique genetic code, the battle might be a bit easier to win.