Pathway Genomics Corporation: Using Your Body’s Own DNA to Combat Illness

Take a moment, if you will, to think about the world around you. Everything on this planet and across the universe as a whole is made up of tiny atoms. Those atoms come together to form molecules; in turn, molecules bond with one another to form cells and so on. Though all things are made of atoms and molecules, those little bits and pieces come in different varieties and are drawn together in any number of ways to build an endless array of items.

Unending Wonders

Regardless of your personal views on how the universe and all its wonders came into being, you can’t argue the many miracles it all must’ve taken to become what it is today. The chemical makeup of the human body is based on carbon and oxygen. As it happens, that of diamonds is too. Trees fall into this category as well. How can the same element take on such different forms? Properly explaining the circumstances at work here could take days.

Boundless Destruction

Despite the endless wonders of the universe, plenty of terrors have also emerged. Instead of coming together to create life, some atoms merge to destroy it. Viruses and bacteria, like trees and the human body itself, are carbon-based organisms though they’ve been known to bring an end to life. Cells necessary for sustaining life sometimes form incorrectly, or mutate, and cancer comes into the picture.

Waging War

Scientists have long been looking outside the box to find solutions to those cases in which atoms build destruction rather than fostering life. They bring together different types of molecules to combat various illnesses on a number of levels and even prevent them in some instances. What if the answer could be found within? Imagine if those 23 chromosomes responsible for giving human beings their lives, features, personality traits and even predisposition to certain medical conditions could actually have a hand in curing them.

Pathway Genomics Corporation has unlocked the secret to using the body’s own DNA to treat, cure or prevent illnesses. They’ve proven the answer doesn’t always lie in a pill or IV drip; more often than not, it truly can be found in the chromosomes within each living being. From flawless skin and weight loss to genetic causes of cancer, those carbon-based cells in your body can be the key to finding wellness and fighting off the atoms known for causing illness.