How Is Pathway Helping People Lose Weight More Effectively?

Many people do not realize the role DNA plays in their weight loss efforts. DNA affects how a person eats and how their body responds to diet and exercise. This is why Pathway is working so intently to help individuals understand how DNA can work for them or against them and how they can better understand their body so they can improve their ability to shed excess weight.

Why Do Most Diets Not Work?

The biggest problem with the average diet is it is not catered to individuals. Most diet companies use a one-size-fits-all approach and this simply has been proven not to work. When diet companies realize the typical diet does not work for everyone, maybe changes can be made in the diet industry that actually promote better health and the ability to lose weight rather than a person being sabotaged from the beginning.

Although cutting calories and exercising seems like an ideal way to lose weight, it does not work that simply for everyone. A person needs to know why they eat the foods they do and what causes them to overeat. The more a person knows about their body, the better equipped they will be to be able to overcome the issues that have prevented them from being able to lose weight in the past.

How Can DNA Testing Help?

When a person has their DNA tested, it can reveal a lot of information that can assist them in being able to have a diet that is tailored to their specific needs. With a simple swab of the mouth, an individual will learn the following:

  • What causes them to overeat?
  • Why do they snack the way they do?
  • Why do they seem to prefer sweets over other types of foods?
  • Why do they have the intense cravings they do?
  • What foods make them feel full?
  • Why do they feel hungry all the time?

Testing is easy with the kit that is mailed out. After mailing back the DNA sample, an individual’s DNA will be carefully analyzed and they will be able to receive diet and fitness information that has been created just for them so they can finally get the positive results they long for.