Pathway Genomic Offers Different Genetic Testing Products

Suppose a couple wants to have a nice healthy baby but are afraid it may inherit a family birth defect? Now, the guesswork has been removed by the new science of genetic testing. Both prospective parents can have their DNA tested for that bad gene or the likelihood of either parent carrying that birth defect chance. Once the genetic test results are in, their parents can tell if it is safe to become pregnant or not. In the future when a gene test shows a disease or defect being carried, the parent can have their genetic code altered to remove it. That future is not far off. Other people with family history of health problems can get genetic testing to see if it has been passed down to them. if it has they can get early preventative treatment.

Why Genetic Testing

Most people who get genetic testing do it to ensure better health and longer lives. finding out what diseases to look out for and how to prevent them, can literally be a lifesaver. Some people are tested by companies such as Pathway Genomic to find out what medications are more likely to be effective in treating a disease they have. Other’s want to prove to a prospective employer that they are healthy and will likely stay that way.

Those prospective parents have a much better chance of having a healthy baby in the near future. But, for now, they can be tested to see if it is safe to get pregnant and have a baby. In the past, some people did not have children fearing they carried a bad gene when in fact they did not. a sadly missed opportunity. Other people are already ill and want genetic testing to help them choose better treatment options and to avoid additional health problems.

There are as many reasons to have genetic testing as there are people getting tested. some people want to know what weight loss program or exercise program is most likely to work for them. others want to know what their chances of getting dangerous diseases are and the best way to avoid them. for more information, go to the website.